Playing the waiting game…

…and printing. A LOT!

When choosing curriculum, I really wanted to try to get it all in hard copy format so I wouldn’t waste spend a ton of time printing and a ton of money on paper and ink. But, in the end, it’s all about what I felt was the best fit for the Monsters. I’m still waiting to do a complete review of what we ordered until the rest of it is delivered but we did go get so “essentials” this weekend in preparation for this upcoming shindig. 

Lets see, we have…(I like list by the way)

1.) Writing utensils. Highlights, pens, pencils, yada-yada…

2.) BINDERS. Lots of BINDERS. I’m lovin’ our new Sam’s Club membership, by the way. 

3.) Milk crates. We found a set of six of varying sizes for about $15. They’re not really permanent solutions for the kids work (we’re going to use the work box system by Sue Powers, but with our own little twist.) I’m waiting to find the set of drawers that I want to make it permanent. Of course, we got orange for Monster A and purple for Monster S. I’m going to stick with black. 

4.) Tabbed file folders. Monster A and I are going to do the “Classical Literature Vol. 1” curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler and it involves a lot of really awesome lap books. Erica has some amazing ideas! I have really enjoyed going through her website for the past week. We’re actually going to use several of her curricula, but that’s the only one I’m sharing right now. That’s the one I’m most excited about!  

6.) Page Protectors. Not much to get excited about here. They’ll mainly be used for their daily workbook pages. Gotta love dry erase markers. 

7.) Table. We bought a table for the kids to do their work on. Yippee!

But my absolute favorite thing, so far, is this……

7.) Our new HP Touchscreen PC. We I have named him Harry Potter. I mean he is an HP and all. I’ll take a picture of him (yes, I’m well aware I sound like I have adopted him as a part of our family. Maybe I have.) when I have better light. Maybe with the Monsters using it or something. 

So, now I wait. It’s always hurry up and wait around here. I want to get started but maybe I should, I don’t know, write up my lesson plans or actually have our curriculum in the same state as us. Sounds prudent. I got Monster A a “Star Wars” activity book to use as a review for the next couple of weeks and got Monster S one as well (not Star Wars) hopefully she’ll use it even though it doesn’t involve any princesses. The plan is to start two weeks from today. I think we’ll be able to shoot for that. I think getting them involved with the co-op has got them in the right spirit. Hopefully, I won’t drive my husband crazy in the interim until we start. Not holding my breath though.



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