Whatcha Doin’?

My day went a lot like this:

Monster A/Monster S: Mama, what are you doin’?
Me: Working on getting school stuff ready guys. 
Them: When are you going to be done?
Me: Soon. I promise. (secretly I’m thinking, “Never if you don’t LEAVE ME ALONE!)

Maybe this was my mistake. Trying to do my lesson planning on the weekend that Cody is in Minneapolis. Leaving me alone with the kids. Nah. It would have been the same had he been here. He tries but the kids would’ve found some way to break through the barrier. 

We’ve had a great couple of days here. The weather has been PERFECT so we’ve spent a lot of time outside under our big tree (my favorite feature of the house). 


The Monsters adore being outside and so we have spent the majority of the past two days enjoying it. They were upset about the rain today because we had to stay inside. I explained that we are from Oklahoma. We do not complain about the rain. EVER! Tiger had to join us, of course. I’m pretty sure Otter is out there somewhere, too. 
10603272_773529329543_1685363572360859506_nMy amazing little Padawan is doing some review work out of a Star Wars workbook I found at Sam’s the other day. Have I mentioned how much I love that place?

10550882_773533915353_5241894410709164047_nAnd my BEAUTIFUL princess is working out of a BrainQuest workbook. She’s been able to do EVERYTHING in the book so far with no problems. Watch out, Monster A. Little sister is gaining on you. 


I’ve been working on lesson planning. I’m still waiting for curriculum to come in completely before I do a curriculum post, but I did get my super awesome Planner from Mardel’s! Check it out! I’m a fan. 



I also got most of our posters, map, and our super cute owl calendar (all also from Mardel’s) and got them up on the wall. The room still needs some work but it’s shaping up and the kids were stoked to see everything up.



I’d say we’re getting there. I’ve got a lot more to get planned but I’m in a holding pattern until I get the rest of the curriculum on Tuesday. So I’ll just keep gliding along. I think we’ll be ready just in time to start next Monday. WOOT! 

Now, just to get those pesky freezer meals done. 


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